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On Sunday, my mum, the kids and me went to Millhouses Park – we got there at about 8.30am as children don’t like lie-ins, or sleeping much at all.

Last time we went to the cafe here, I had an eco-shame spiral when I ordered a soya milkshake and it came in a plastic cup, complete with plastic lid and straw, although apparently the straw was biodegradable. Anyway, due to being up to my eyeballs in shame about my purchase, I failed to notice many of the other good things the cafe does for the environment.

Since we last visited, they’ve put a large tub next to the free water for people to throw their plastic cups in once they’ve used them.

Plastic cup bin
Bin meaning to recycle my cups

The cafe also has lots of vegan options on the menu which is easy to understand and colour-coded, so that everything vegan is given a blue sticker.

Many of the options are the same as the vegetarian meals but with the butter and cheese taken out, but who cares? It’s such a good idea and so considerate of the cafe owners to take the stress out of asking what is or isn’t vegan.

Millhouses menu
So simple, so useful

I ordered toast with jam and no butter to share with Evan, Joni ordered her favourite food in the world, a Nobbly Bobbly lolly, and my mum ordered a huge plate of scrambled egg on toast. Since going vegan I haven’t really had any cravings for anything or fancied anything with dairy or egg in it. But, those eggs my mum had looked and smelt divine. They looked good and I felt bad that I thought they looked good.

Scrambled eggs
The forbidden eggs

Considering choosing to follow a vegan diet is a better choice for the environment, I do feel that I spend much of my time worrying that I’m not a ‘good enough’ vegan. I don’t think I’ll ever eat eggs again, in fact they used to freak me out when I was vegetarian, so I didn’t egg them regularly as they were too slimy and smelled weird and came out of a chicken’s vagina. But I don’t think I should automatically be disgusted by food just because it has animal produce in it. Maybe I should be, but I’m not.

I suppose once again, the point of this blog is that I’m doing my best and on Sunday, doing my best was not reaching over the table and nicking some of my mum’s scrambled egg.


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