Making little eco changes makes a better day

Sometimes starting small is the only way. I have a vision where I email every food manufacturer in the UK and my persistence and hard-line questioning forces them to give up palm oil.

Sadly, I am a working mum of two so while I do plan to do this, at the moment, I can’t.

There are things I can do though. Today my mum is staying with us as Andrew is away for four nights hopefully making us mega bucks with his game at EGX. We just made a trip down the big hill to Woodseats and the ‘cafe in the sky’ in Dunelm Mill.

We normally have lunch there but we have a tonne of food in so only had morning coffee. First eco smug point of the day from not wasting food.

While chasing Evan round before he reached his life goal of escaping down the stairs in Dunelm Mills, I spotted some Method anti-bacterial spray. I’m a bit of a bleach fiend at home and am pretty sure I’m responsible for the death of many, many fish. Swapping bleach for a natural alternative is an easy change to make and at only £3, it wasn’t ludicrously expensive.

A new Method of cleaning

I also treated myself to a £2 bamboo reusable cup (well my mum bought it for me as, at 37, I’m not too old to be spoilt). My previous reusable cup was, ironically, used just once as it didn’t keep my brew warm and scolded my hand. So you never buy it, it was a cup from Smash Industries.

I now have a fancy new bamboo option which does have a plastic top and wrapper thing to protect my delicate palms.

Bamboo drink
Bamboo drink to make me think

Racking up the eco smug points!

After a quick trip to the charity shops for about 10 new books, all of which Joni made Nana read when we got back, we headed back up the hill of doom.

Sweaty, tired and pleading with Joni to walk up the hill instead of me pushing her up in the pram, we reach the top to be met with nature’s bounty.

Apple tree
Ideal apple tree for free-loading giants

99% of the apples in this tree can only be reached by giants so we had to make do with collecting just three apples from the ground. There were more to gather but they were nestled alongside bags of dog poo, not on the ‘safe’ list for foraging.

Back at home, I rustled up an apple sauce which both Joni and Evan refused to eat, even with the addition of sultanas. Nana and me finished it off though.

Apple sauce
Apple sauce from the land (that’s sultanas, not dog poo)

To celebrate my smugness and making small steps again, I ate a delicious vegan cupcake from Gusto’s.

Cupcake of dreams

Days like this are a reminder that no matter how busy I am, I can always do a little bit to do my bit.

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