Parents rise up against climate change

For all the good it will do!

I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated recently at the amount of people doing absolutely nothing to help the planet. I’m doing a bit (my eco best, if you will), but I’m always anxious about whether that’s enough and what I else I can do.

This weekend Sheffield Green Parents organised a peaceful protest against climate change. I kind of feel it’s the right time to be doing unpeaceful things, however, I don’t want to go to jail as I know for a fact I wouldn’t last long.

So Sunday morning me, Andrew and the kids got the bus to town (to avoid the climate shame of turning up on a car) and met some friends to protest. It was a lovely sunny day, lots of people turned up and Joni had made a sign that looked like a giant penis, all in all a great day.

Joni signs
Joni and her giant penis-tree

What did make me feel a bit said was that Joni and her friend had no idea what was going on. This is totally fine as they’re 3 and 4, but it made me realise how sad it is that climate change is going to be such a big part of their lives.

They’re not going to know a life without mass extinction, super storms, freak heat waves and air pollution. Food and water shortages could well be in the near future too and that’s absolutely terrifying.

This is where we’re headed though and a protest march probably won’t do much to change that. But it does feel good to be talking about it and doing something with people that feel the same terror I do.

Parents protest
Won’t somebody with more power than a load of worried parents with cardboard signs actually please think of the children?

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