Saving a sapling in our street

Last year Sheffield City Council chopped down all but one of the mature trees on our road. Allegedly this was because they were diseased or damaging the kerb so badly that they had to be cut down.

Obviously this is all a load of BS and the contractors Amey, cut them down so that they don’t have to spend time looking after them.

This has been happening all across the city and where possible I’ve done my best to help. I’ve been on a protest, stood for three hours under a tree in our street for two days with Evan in the sling to stop it being chopped, I’ve emailed councillors and MPs and today, I watered one of the new saplings that has been planted to replace the felled trees.


Amey got rid of about 14 trees on our street and have planted just four in their place. They are clearly trying to save even more money as they’ve done nothing at all to look after these trees.

It hasn’t rained here for over a week and temperatures have been consistently in the mid 20s or higher. This means the poor stick of a tree opposite our house has been looking rather limp.

I’d been debating about watering it for a few days as I was worried that my neighbours might think I was a bit weird. However, this morning, with Evan crying in his bouncer and Joni shouting ‘what you doing mum?’ at the front door, I went over and poured seven litres of water down the little plastic funnel at the foot of the tree.

I wasn’t 100% sure this was for water but there was a giant dog turd at the base of the tree and I didn’t fancy watering that so I opted for the funnel.

I felt very self conscious doing this but I’m glad I did. It would be such a shame if this new tree dies because the money grabbing lazy arses at Sheffield City Council can’t be bothered (or organised) enough to send someone out to water it.

This evening I was chatting to our neighbour, who’s a keen gardener, and he said he’d also water it, so at least it’s not just me trekking out into the road with a watering can.

The problem now is there are three more much further up the street which also need watering. I’ll check how frazzled they’re looking tomorrow and if it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain I may have to get control of my anxiety and take a trip with my watering can.

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