Am I really doing my eco best? Earth Overshoot Day says no

I’ve been getting the guilts recently as I feel I could be doing much more. Not buying Joni strawberries because they come in plastic cartons feels like a good thing to do (for the environment, not for Joni). But really, is that going to make any difference?

Well, today, 1st August 2018, is Earth Overshoot Day, a term I’d never heard of until Andrew mentioned it. Today, we’ve used a year’s worth of the planet’s resources already and we’re only seven months in.

I wanted to find out more about this so I read this truly horrifying article about just how f@*ked we all are. Really not the best thing to read just before bed.

At the end of the article there’s a test to find out what your personal Earth Overshoot Day is. I felt reasonably confident like the smug, veg box eating vegan I am, but I did not do well. In fact I use up so many resources I need two earths!!

End of the worls
My personal Doom’s Day

This is pretty horrific given I think I’m pretty aware of my impact on the environment and do try to do my bit. Turns out it’s not enough though.

So not buying strawberries for Joni is something I’ll keep doing (sorry Joni) but I need to do so much more.

The article suggests cutting food waste, driving less, eating less meat and having less children are key things to do but, again, I think I can do more. I’m going to write my own manifesto for how I can do my eco best and it definitely has to go beyond veg boxes and recycling.

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