Ditching the night nappies

I’ve been reading up on the horrors of nappies recently and come across such guilt-inducing gems like these:

  • Disposable nappies take 500 years to decompose
  • They need over 44 times more natural resources to make when compared to reusable nappies

We have two children who wear disposable nappies, so that’s a lot of waste going straight into landfill and sitting there for a long, long time.

After potty training her for about a year (I’m not joking) Joni finally seems to understand that pooing on the carpet is a bad idea and she can just about be trusted in pants through the day. Staying dry at night is meant to take much longer but, weirdly, she seemed to master this quicker and has been dry at night for weeks, even if she has a drink before bed.

She does from time to time do a poo in her sleep, I’m not sure how this is physically possible and have only heard of this happening before when a guy at uni got really really drunk. So for this reason I’ve held off leaving her nappy free at night. The time has come to make a commitment though so from Monday it’s nappies no more.

I’ve bought a waterproof mattress topper just in case and short term we’ll probably pop her in a nappy for long car journies and if we’re staying over night at my mum’s (as much as Nana loves her, no one welcomes a poop in bed) but other than this her size 5 pull-ups are no more and will be archived for Evan.

Speaking of Evan, here is a child that can get through 4 nappies a day, which is doing nothing for easing my eco guilts but the world of reusable nappies is kind of terrifying. I’ve made the first steps by enquiring what’s best for him from family members and checking out forums but it just seems so confusing.

The plan is to have a proper read through everything when I’ve a minute and buy some second hand cloth nappies. For now, I’m easing the guilts with one baby being nappy-free.

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