Finally converting to cloth nappies (kind of)

I blogged last year about planning to change Evan’s nappies from disposable to cloth, but I have a confession. I never did it. I did some research, got lots of information and then I didn’t do anything about it.

I think I know why. I find the cloth nappy community and products very intimidating. There are literally hundreds of options, there’s lots of jargon and abbreviations (AIO, AI2, pockets, two parts) and then’s the price. I signed up for a website that promised to tell me exactly what I’d need to convert Evan from disposable nappies to cloth and it did tell me this, and also that it would cost nearly £300 to do it.

I’m not good at admin or making choices when it comes to a new product. I find it very stressful. I also found that a lot of the forums and websites about cloth nappies, or that were selling nappies, were very confusing. I didn’t know how I could access this magical eco-friendly world of nappies without buying the wrong thing or spending hundreds of pounds in one go.

Here’s Evan, clearly ecstatic that mummy has finally made a decision on his new head wear.

This was last July, eight months later, I’ve finally just gone for it and bought some cloth nappies. I bought three Tots Bots EasyFit Star nappies off Amazon (I know, I know), after reading one forum post by a woman who was raving about them.

I’ve washed them twice (apparently four times is best but that seems excessive?) and the next day were at home, I’m going to try Evan in them. One has a train design on it so I’m pretty sure he’ll be all over that. Plus, he’s not yet two, so hasn’t got into the exhausting phase of having an opinion about what he wears.

We’ll see how it goes and if it’s a leak-free and stress-frees experience, I’ll buy some more and wean us both off the disposables.

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