Plastic Free July – Day 13 – Compostible Crisp Bags

If I could eat crisps for every meal, every day, I absolutely would. But I have kids who would do the same, so in the interest of good parenting I try to limit my intake.

Plastic free July has meant cutting down on crisps even more, as all crisp bags are made of plastic.

Or so I thought.

It turns out though that a couple of truly wonderful farmers have invented compostible crisp bags. What’s more, the crisps inside them are delicious.

Two Farmers Crisps have bags made from “sustainable eucalyptus pulp, plant-based foil and biodegradable ink”. Who knew such things were possible? Why aren’t major brands like Walkers doing stuff like this?

They sell boxes of crisps online and I’m seriously considering buying one containing 25 packets.

Two farmers crisps
Get these two men a knighthood and get me 25 bags of these crisps

Another company that’s making Plastic Free July a little easier is The Vegan Kind Supermarket I originally went on this site to buy Andrew some birthday chocolates but found plenty of other vegan and plastic free delights while I was there.

I ordered a conditioner bar in a tin and some coffee beans in a biodegradable bag. The website also has a section for food that’s recently gone off. I love a bargain, so I got some peanut and raisin bars for 49p. They were wrapped in plastic, but I guess they would have gone in the bin anyway as they were out of date, so I at least I could eat the contents before the plastic was binned.

When the order came, it was packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box with no plastic packaging. How can some companies make plastic free look so easy, whereas others (looking at you, Amazon) must give ’employee of the month’ awards to the people who successfully put the smallest item in the biggest box and fill the space with plastic?

Buying less plastic has actually saved us money, but not in the obvious way that plastic free food is cheaper (because it’s usually not). We eat a lot of bread in our house, but since the start of July we’ve only bought two bread loaves and we’ve made the rest at home. This has saved us money as it means we’re not going to the shop every other day to buy bread and  ending up coming out with five other items we don’t need.

I reckon we’ve probably saved about £25 so far this month by just going to the shop less. How do you like that, supermarkets?

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