UFV – Unidentified frying vegetable

The best thing about getting a veg box delivered every week is that we’ve no idea what we’re going to get.

Other than the weekly staples of potatoes and carrots, we get given a range of UK grown veggies that, sometimes, I don’t even recognise.

This arrived last week:

Unknown vegetable


I thought it was a squash, Andrew said courgette, Joni said space ship. As much as I wanted Joni to be right, after a quick search it turns out it’s a squash. These yellow frisbee like veggies are actually a type of summer squash which are regular squash that have been picked super early.

This particular variety (according to the all-knowing Wikipedia) is a pattypan squash and it also goes by a number of fantastic aliases that sound like they’ve been created by a random word generator – granny squash, custard squash and scallopini being my favourites.

Despite having a never-seen-or-eaten-before vegetable in out midsts, we did perhaps one of the most boring things we could have done with it, we chopped it up and put it in a stir-fry. It tasted similar to a courgette but with a nice firm crunch to it that reminded me a little bit of water chestnuts.

Next time we get one of these I’m going to be more adventurous and try one of these recipes below…

Pattypan squash and veggie tacos

But without the feta

Roasted pattypan squash and herbed chickpeas

There are lots of recipes for stuffed pattypan but stuffing vegetables with other stuff always ends in a big old mess when I try it.

It’s also meant to be tasty roasted so that’s another option should a pattypan ever appear in our veg box again.

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