Weston Park Museum

Evan had a hospital appointment this morning so afterwards Mum and I headed over to Weston Park Museum with the kids. We went to the cafe first and, as seems to be the norm for me now, I scanned the fridge for the least wasteful container for Joni to have a drink in. She wanted a tiny carton of milkshake, which was rather over priced for the four sips of milk it contained so I persuaded her to get something else. That something else was this plastic monstrosity:

Hippo drink
Hippo from hell

I had the usual inner turmoil of when it’s better to get her a carton that she’ll only use one, a plastic bottle that she might reuse or nothing and risk a tantrum. I thought this pink nightmare might entice her to drink more water so I’m going to see if it can become one of her main drinking bottles.

On the upside, we popped into the under 5s play session the museum does on a Friday morning and it was awesome and free!

They had cement trays full of uncooked (thankfully!) rice and lentils which Evan in particular loved playing with. It’s cheap and biodegradable and could even be cooked and eaten after a very, very good wash. It’s something I would never have thought of doing bit definately¬† something we’ll try at home.

Rice and lentils
Rice and lentils
Rice, lentils and Evan

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